Latest addition to the wild ridgeway adventure menu

Updated: Jan 18

We're very pleased to announce the latest addition to our menu. Participants in Wild Cycles' 2 day Ridgeway Adventure will soon be enjoying this extra special delivery brought to you by the busy bees of the Chalfonts (literally).

Our honey comes from "Old Orchard" which has been caring for bees for over fifteen years, where this experience enables the collection of high-quality honey straight from the hive.

Hives are situated in a 2-acre old cherry orchard. The statistics are mind-boggling: From their base bees will visit ~one million flowers, fly a staggering 45,000 miles, collecting pollen and nectar from local meadows, woodland and gardens. - to yield a 227g jar of pure honey which is extracted directly from the comb using filters that allow pollen grains, micronutrients and trace elements to remain. The honey is pure and un-blended - taste and texture being crafted from the individual flowers visited by the bees; nothing added, nothing taken away.

This extraordinary and delicious 100% natural product " thought to help with everything from sore throats and digestive and skin disorders. Experts suggest eating local honey can help manage hay fever symptoms. It is the only food that contains pinocembrin, an antioxidant associated with improved brain function."