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Participant Safety briefing & waiver

Please carefully read the following info and guidance given for your safety, complete the form and submit.

1. Bike condition

- See BIKE & EQUIPMENT in the guide supplied pre-ride:

- Do a thorough bike safety check before the ride

- Check to make sure your brake pads have more than sufficient life to complete the distance NB route profiles

- Carry a pump, spare tube/repair kit (see checklist)

2. Overhanging branches and fallen trees

- Keep a look out and warn following riders

- Adjust route if cannot be avoided

- Wear a quality helmet and eye protection

- Maintain awareness, be vigilant and exercise caution

3. Wet weather and terrain

- Ensure correct tyre pressure and tread

- Beware of livestock waste: protect and/or clean water bottles & equipment

- Wear appropriate clothing suited to weather

- Know your abilities and limitations, ride and make decisions accordingly

4. Terrain – uneven, rocky, ruts, flint, roots, slippery mud, chalk & loose surfaces

- Be vigilant and take extra care on these surfaces, watch your speed and ride within your abilities

- Identify hazards and difficult, technical terrain

- Be cautious

- Ride within your ability

- Warn following riders when approaching

5. Steep gradients - descents and ascents

- Approach with caution

- Use appropriate speed for the terrain

- Know your abilities and limitations, ride and make decisions accordingly

6. Other users: Walkers, dogs, horse riders

- Be respectful, give priority to walkers and horse riders

- Leave plenty of space when passing

7. Warm, hot weather

- Apply sun cream

- Wear appropriate clothing

- Stay hydrated and top up with fluids constantly

- See NUTRITION & HYDRATION in the guide supplied pre-ride:

8. Darkness and poor visibility

- Unless you have the appropriate lighting - front and rear - should darkness fall or visibility fades you must call Wild Cycles for recovery

- Monitor distance, average speed, progress in relation to time of day and sunset

9. Traffic and public roads

- Obey the rules of the road and ride with the utmost care on public roads

- Be vigilant and maintain high awareness of traffic on public, farm roads incl. cars, HGVs, farm equipment

- Maintain a steady line whilst riding on roads

- Wear reflective/bright clothing

- Be super vigilant and extra cautious when crossing roads and at junctions

10. Fatigue, accidents, injury

- Carry a 1st aid kit with you to attend to minor injuries

- Call 999 in the case of a serious injury to yourself or another rider

- Call the Paramdedics on 07917 191095 and then Wild Cycles on 07501 006366 in case of an incident

- Monitor your performance and judgement and ride within your limits

- If you feel exhausted and need to cut your ride short call us for recovery if required

11. Mechanicals

- Carry the spares and tools listed below as there is no official mechanical support

- See BIKE and EQUIPMENT in the guide provided pre ride

- If unable to continue call us for recovery if required

12. Call us on one of the numbers below - if you decide to stop riding at any point:

1. 07501006366 or 2. 07305 973508

13. Know your abilities and limitations, ride and make decisions accordingly

I hereby confirm that, with the exception of any liability which cannot be excluded by law, Wild Cycles Limited shall have no liability for any loss or damage I may suffer as a result of my participation in this event. Furthermore, I will indemnify and hold Wild Cycles Limited, its officers, agents and employees harmless from and against any and all expenses, losses, liabilities, damages and costs of any type incurred or suffered and any claims or legal proceedings which are brought or threatened, in each case, arising from my participation in this event.

Please complete information below and submit

Thanks for submitting!

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