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Epping Forest Gravelin slip n slide

We had such a fabulous ride last week. Thanks again to the amazing fun-loving bunch for coming along....

After weeks of heavy rain it was great to see so many out and about on the trails - some of which were a bit slip n slide - adding to the fun type-2 vibes.

Pick of the pics (@markovichjames)

Starting at Pavilion Café in Victoria Park is a treat in itself - the coffee is something special as are their craft sour-dough house bakes and inventive menu.

The route winds out of Vic Park and onto the picturesque Lea Valley canal. Jam-packed with a blend of sights, sounds and smells - there is so much to take in along this section. Cityscapes quickly disappear and are replaced by wild n beautiful open spaces such as the Hackney Marshes and the Walthamstow Wetland Sanctuary. After a flattish warmup we cross over - for a super crazy climb up into Epping Forest - almost impossible to ride this slip n slide - although a few did have a go....

The rest of the ride was an absolute blast - on sublime sweeping gravel trails - surprising, amazing and exhilarating and surprisingly rideable after the heavy rains.

Thanks again to all of the amazing folk who came along for the ride. If you loved that check out our next one - 23 March in the Chilterns - NW of London.

Thanks also to our Markovich James for capturing the action and the spirit of last week's ride. We'll let the images tell the rest of the story....

Check out - and sign up for our next social spin - 23 March in the Chilterns



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