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Glacial lakes, corries, cwyms and apfelstrudel

essential features of a wholesome wild weekend in wales

For a different take on the legendary Wild Wales Gravel Festival it was a truly wholesome weekend of riding in beautiful places, connecting with friends - old and new & enjoying delicious meals together.

We've gone back to basics for a fully community-focused weekend.

Wild Cycles' mission is to bring wild and exceptional outdoor experiences to a wider and diverse audience. Our signature approach is focused on impact, the finer details and experiences set in beautiful places that make for unforgettable adventures and special moments. Stunning routes, delicious, wholesome food and brews, fireside vibes, big & beautiful landscapes, a lovely bunch of people - sharing stories of a long, sometimes challenging day out on the trails. That's it.

A generous splash of sunshine made a welcome appearance to add to the magic at the recent Wholesome Wales weekender.

And what an absolutely spectacular weekend it was! As we rolled into base camp at back-to-basics Blaenau camping in the shadow of the Brecon Mountains.

Like no other - this part of the world is characterised by dreamy glacial lakes such as Llyn y Fan Fach. Formed during the last Ice Age - a series of glacial processes shaped this landscape - creating a spectacular glacial cirque, corrie or cwm - a natural bowl which frames the lake in a unique and spectacular setting.

The few who were lucky enough to arrive before sunset managed to sneak a spin up to Llyn y Fan Fach lake - just a sublime experience in the magic light of the golden hour.

Saturday's route took in some punchy climbs, a lovely sweeping gravel trail around the Usk reservoir and sweeping down a beautiful river-lined valley. Surrounded by +400m peaks rising up in all directions - with mystic names such as Bryn Elen, Foel Darw, Moel Feity and Allt Fach. The Black Mountain crossing which cuts back in the direction of base-camp is without doubt - a challenge - featuring a good few hike-a-bike-sections and multiple river crossings - just to keep it varied and interesting....:)

Saturday evening back at camp was a super-special occasion. Enjoying a delicious 3-course meal - including the legendary Apfelstrudel - lovingly prepared by Wild Cycles' very own resident chef - Beatrice. The image of a bunch of lovely people sitting around the communal dinner table - is unforgettable and truly magical.

Sunday's bimble took the bunch up the stunning meandering gravel track to the lakes. Going totally off-piste - they pick their way around the lake shores and off into the wild Brecons. Will let the pictures do the telling.....

Thanks to an amazing bunch of people who came along for the weekend.

YOU make these experiences special... so many magical moments, sights and sounds... all of the essential ingredients for an unforgettable mountain adventure.

Massive thanks to our sponsors komoot and Rab for their generous support and to our partners - the bicycling brewing bros at stohk.

More than riding a bike

Our mission is to bring people together in incredible places of beauty through cycling and a love of the outdoors.

It has become increasingly apparent that although the riding-in-beautiful-places is the key enabler - there is more magic which happens off the bike too - around the dinner table, by the campfire or just chilling and chatting. Which was the inspiration for this wholesome experience - and will be for many more to come...

We are now getting down and busy planning for 2024 - and will soon be announcing a bunch of amazing wild adventures. We hope you will join us there and then!

Thanks @tomhall for enhancing the landscape with this mindful pose.



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