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Two of Restrap's latest additions - its Bumper Bar & Race Bar Bag arrived on our doorstep a few weeks back and couldnt wait to get out and put them to the test in the field. With a 5 day bikepacking trip to Devon and back, along the Old Chalk Way planned - this was the ideal opportunity to give the new kit a test drive.

Two outstanding features immediately leap out: 1 more space and 2. less wobble. The Restrap Bumper Bar is used in conjunction with the Race Bar Bag. We had no beef with their non-race iteration of the bar bag, but oh my, are we impressed with how much this bit of kit distinguishes itself from its non-racing cousin.

Let's start with the bumper bar. It's such a simple idea but solves such a huge issue - quite frankly we're surprised this hasn't been thought of sooner. Ultimately, what this well crafted bit of steel does is push your bar bag out forwards creating more space between the bag and the front tyre.

Surely we're not alone in suffering from that irritating bag rub syndrome?! This simple, yet ingenious piece of kit immediately resolves the ever irritating 'rub buzz' whenever you hit a bump on the trail.

"...amazed by how solidly and securely the bags sits now.

This thing literally: Does. Not. Move!" Now, onto the bag itself. The concept is similar to the non-race iteration in that the holster straps to the bike, with a dry bag secured in place with belt straps.

The holster feels and looks premium. What is brilliant about this version is the way it attaches to the bike. The straps have a clasp system that is just efficient - once threaded through - just pull tight and the holster is solid. We only had to retighten once over the entire 5 day trip. Without a doubt, alongside the bumper bar this contributes to the setup which we'd sum up with one word - robust! As for the dry bag - this is a different concept - with a single horizontal opening across the top of the bag. Simply roll your sleeping system together and push it through the opening. The compression system is the same concept: roll and press down, hear that satisfying release of air. Works a treat! This is the first time we've managed to roll bag, sleeping mat, and tent all in to one. That's not to say that there isn't an art to packing it; there were moments trying to get it all to fasten, and it's still bigger on day 3 than 1 - but once you've nailed the art of packing - the extra space in the seat pack is a major bonus. We're struggling to find any negatives to this bit of kit... the only concern the colour coordination we'd been fine-tuned over the years is now no longer so well coordinated!

Thanks the the clever people at Restrap for the loan of the kit and the opportunity to give it a good go on the beautiful Devon trails.

For more info - check it out & the full range at Restrap



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