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Thank you & 2023!

huge thanks for coming along for a ride this year

To sum the year up - it was all about riding in beautiful places +

- about the killer climbs, views from the top and the sweetness of the descents

- community and the chilled post-ride chat around the fire

- delicious, wholesome food and refreshing brews

- and all that lovely stuff...

But it is without question - YOU - the amazing, friendly, welcoming, give-it-a-go folk - who make these super special! So we're shouting a huge THANK YOU for coming along for the ride this year and for making it such a special one.

Whether it was for a sub-zero ride in January, a super-sunny South Downs epic in May, a legendary smiles-not-miles Wild Wales Gravel Festival, the other-worldly wonders of King Alfred's Way, an Intro-to-gravel weekender, the Mason Sundowner - OR if you clicked <folllow>, <like> or <share> - THANK YOU for being a part of this exciting venture we call Wild Cycles!

Our mission is to bring wild and exceptional outdoor experiences to a wider and diverse audience. Our signature approach is focused on impact, the finer details and experiences set in beautiful places that make for unforgettable adventures and special moments. Stunning routes, delicious, wholesome food and brews, fireside vibes, big & beautiful landscapes, building community with a bunch of fun-loving people.

That's the inspiration for many more to come - roll on 2024!

too many memories & moments to squeeze in - here are some of our faves

We remain focused on our mission which is to make riding-in-beautiful-places more accessible to a wider and diverse audience. To encourage and help people to give-it-a-go - sometimes stepping way out of the comfort of their usual comfort zone - and experiencing something and some place new.

This has been made possible thanks to the generous support and contributions of our fab sponsors:

  • Komoot

  • Rab Equipment

  • Stohk Brewery

  • Boutique Camping

  • Wilderness Trail Bikes

The Team

  • Mark James

  • Nick Porter

The partners & supporters:

  • Degmo & Angus Forbes and George Trio

  • Chiltern Velo

  • Gravel Union/Claire Frecknall

  • Katherine Moore

  • Mark James

  • Mason Cycles

  • Moloko Cycling

  • Neighbourhood Gravel

  • Town Farm Campsite

  • Trevor Kingdon T & S Event Support

  • UK Gravel Collective

The image makers

  • Matt Bark

  • Rupert Barry

  • Jonathan Heard

  • Mark James

  • Jade Sellick

check out the fully wholesome 2024 programme of rides, tours n events:

thanks to all who've joined, supported and enjoyed
a wild and wholesome adventure with us in 2023

- Beatrice, John & Jonathan -



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