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When you get closer to nature...

When we get closer to nature

be it untouched wilderness or a backyard tree

we do our overstressed brains a favor. 

Florence Williams, National Geographic

At last year’s Wild Wales Festival Rab Ambassador, environmental evangelist @rupertbarry gave a thought-provoking talk about the work he was doing to build greater awareness and stronger connections between riders and the natural surroundings we depend on for our riding pleasure.

"By getting in close proximity with the elements we travel through, the explorer discovers a whole realm of experiences that inform the way we relate to the planet we live on"*

Inspired by Rupert’s quest and the drop-dead gorgeous scenery - we made a lil test drive at a recent Wild Wales recce. The crew were given small notebooks and asked to pause occasionally to soak up their surroundings, the natural beauty and features - and jot down, scribble or draw what they saw…

Back at basecamp we compared notes and shared our observations and scribbles. The results were incredible and the general vibe was that taking time to stop, making time to observe and appreciate the sights and surroundings was something quite special and had elevated the day's ride to another level of fabulousness.

This is fully in line with our mission and our signature approach which is focused on impact and the finer details which make for unforgettable experiences set in beautiful places.

And that's what Wild Cycles is all about.

Based on the feedback from the trial run we're planning to roll this out at the next Wild Wales in June. We just cannae wait to see the results and hear the buzz when folk come back and share their respective observations and experiences around the camp fire (or by the pool :)

If you feel like doing your brain and your body a favour - join us for a unique weekend with a fabulously welcoming, fun-loving community at

Or check out the full 2024 programme of adventures

* The Modern Explorers Robin Hanbury-Tenison & Robert Twigger.



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