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WILD Cycles - 2021 recap

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

In our first full season of operation - there's one thing we have learnt at Wild Cycles - and that is you don't have to go far to discover spectacular scenery, beautiful natural landscapes and epic rides. One of the reasons we've decided to concentrate our efforts on the UK - and to bring you more unforgettable adventures - ON YOUR DOORSTEP.

Whether it’s the vast expanse of the Salisbury Plains, the atmospheric Devil’s Punch Bowl, the dramatic and varied Chilterns Hills, ancient woodlands - to the rugged coastline of wild West Cornwall - this country is jam-packed with spectacular sights and scenery. And as if that’s not enough – there are more historic sites and Neolithic Monuments of significance that can be visited in a lifetime!

2021 highlights & A TASTE OF 2022

Introducing Wild Cycles' hire fleet incl. the funnest adventure bike - the Sonder Frontier Eagle and the swift Sonder Camino gravel bike.

King Alfred's Way recce in April. What an intro! Made all the more special thanks to bright, sunny weather.

Neolithic Stone Circle at Avebury - on King Alfred's Way and Ridgeway multi-day.

Amazing what you discover (on the Ridgeway) when out on your bike.
Another delighted King Alfred's Way finisher!

London's Great Gravel Escape from Richmond to Chiltern Hills with Hotchillee CC.

- Our first small scale event saw us hosting London based club - Hotchillee CC on their first UK Based gravel adventure. Now an annual occurrence - the London Great Gravel Escape runs directly out of London and finishes in the beautiful Chiltern Hills. Starting in Richmond Park, our route takes riders out of the hustle and bustle of the city and into the calm and picturesque countryside just north of London. Canals and gravel paths guide participants and teleport them from one world to another.

The west kernow way field trip (luckily fitted in before the end of the year)

St Michael's Mount - one of the many highlights on the exceptionally beautiful West Kernow Way.

- A bit of luck and the right conditions allowed us to recce this beautiful route, just in time before the weather changed on us here in the UK. We're delighted to be offering this route on our 2022 roster and can't wait to show you this incredible part of the world. Read more about the recce trip on our blog.

Expect the unexpected.

Looking down on Kynance Cove, Cornwall.

Winter solstice on the ridgeway

Late winter ride on the Ridgeway, dashing back before complete darkness.

- A dream of ours for years, to ride the Ridgeway on the winter solstice. Last year our plans were scuppered by covid, so this was the time to do it! You can't get more atmospheric than the Ridgeway, Britains oldest road. It holds so much history and you can really feel this as you ride along, past hill forts and neolithic sites like Waylands Smithy. We finished at Avebury stone circle, serenaded by some bongo drums and rather frightening chanting before turning back and making a dash back to the van where hotdogs and Stohk beers awaited. Generously supplied by our friends behind the outdoor craft brewery based in Cornwall. Check out and order your selection of delicious beverages - best enjoyed outside.

we go to the land of dragons for 2022

- We're planning something a little different for 2022 and will be hosting the first Wild Cycles gathering in Wales. Partnering with some amazing people at a special location in the green heart of the country, we've crafted a unique gravel cycling experience on some of the finest trails we've ever ridden. Stay tuned for dates and tickets, which will be released sometime in early 2022.

looking back

- We’ve met some amazing folk on our journey and as it is our aim to create unforgettable experiences we have been blown away by the feedback from Adventurers who have unanimously raved about their respective adventures. They've been amazed by the stunning, varied and scenic trails in remote locations.

We’re hoping that having discovered and enjoyed all that the Great British countryside has to offer - more people will realise that they don’t have to travel far for an unforgettable experience in beautiful natural surroundings.

Early 2021 was all about the planning. Mapping and recce’ing routes in the Chilterns for our day rides, gravel camps and The Ridgeway multi-day challenge. Thanks to the clever folk at Cycling UK who designed and launched King Alfred’s Way it was clear to see from the press coverage and chatter on Facebook that this would be a biggy. We split the 220 mile route into 4 parts and by hook and by crook managed to synch the stages with suitably friendly campsite along the way.

Initially launching with 4 dates in the summer - we ended up adding a further 3 dates to cope with demand.

From our perspective it was interesting to see the wide range of adventurers taking on a variety of challenges. Ranging from seasoned roadies on their first off-road adventure, mountain bikers and occasional cyclists all had their reasons for joining one of Wild Cycles experiences. For some it was all about the scenery and remoteness of the routes, for some the challenge of riding 60 miles off-road in a day! And for some – the best part was sitting around the fire at night with a drink, camaraderie, banter and all.

At Wild Cycles we’ve been humbled by the overwhelmingly positive feedback and have been open to adventurers’ ideas and suggestions. So we’re now in the process of formulating plans for 2022 which will include a number of refinements, new tours to be announced in Dorset and Cornwall.

thanks to all who've joined, supported and celebrated a wild adventure in 2021 with us.

- John & Jonathan



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