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ridgeway challenge

blazing ancient ridgeway gravel trails

We're excited to share our downloadable Chiltern Ridgeway with you guys. This is Britains oldest road and it is truly spectacular. Ride past ancient hill forts like Barbury Castle along the way, grind over miles and miles of pristine gravel and take in the panoramic views of the English country side. Tackle in a day if you are feeling brave, or split into a two or three day trip at a more leisurely pace. 

Type: Gravel - Distance: 87m - Time: 9hrs - Difficulty: 5/5 - Elevation: 4675ft


Route map

We have used our partner application - komoot for route planning. For the full experience and functionality click through on the komoot logo (top right of the map).

Hire a bike with a garmin gps and our pre-loaded routes to help you find your way around easily. Or download our routes for yourself and have a go!

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